Waste Disposal Advice

We hope this explanation of waste disposal on site helps.

  • Think carefully before bringing anything on site about whether it's going to be a disposal problem later. Windows, bathtubs and tyres sound great, but they have created major nuisances in the past.
  • Yes, the bin isn't always emptied, but don't leave anything next to it - you have to wait for space. It's especially anti-social to leave anything that will blow away or disintegrate, or too bring items from home just so you can put them in it.
  • You can leave scrap metal (but nothing else!) behind the metal shipping container. Just keep it off the fence.  We aspire to clear the pile and leave the area bare over the summer when there are more people on site; please watch for announcements about this by email and on Facebook.
  • Don't leave "useful" stuff against the chalet - you may think someone is happy to take it, but just as often, the committee is having to take it away. Instead, advertise it on the Facebook group.  If you aren't on Facebook, time permitting, we will help you advertise.
  • Broken hand tools can go in the bin on the chalet porch for the prison to fix.  Electric tools (including ones that take batteries) are not hand tools.
  • You have to deal with weeds on your own plot (drying or drowning are good ways) or put them in the communal composting, as long as they aren't woody or too tough so that they will compost.   Don't leave weeds or anything else in the concrete bays; we need those for leaves, wood chip, and zoo poo.  And don't dump them in communal areas or against the fence. 
  • You can use the communal braziers next to the leaf bins to burn untreated, seasoned wood only October-March, but don't leave wood there for other people to burn.  Alternatively, it's great for raising waterlogged areas on the lower plots - just dig it under the soil with leaves or other materials packed in the gaps.
  • Don't dump anything against the external fence - that's how the thieves get in.
  • We sometimes get a skip when too much waste has accumulated. It's usually in the spring.  Don't fill it over the sides.
  • Paint, batteries, mattresses, electric goods and many other hazardous items won't go in the bin or the skip.  You must always dispose of them yourselves.