Covid advice still in force at June 2022:

* Keep dogs on a lead or under close control (you are meant to anyway). Don’t let them approach other people and always pick up and remove all waste.

* Close the lid of the toilet to avoid venting virus particles into the toilet shed.

* Parents need to supervise their children when they use the toilet and clean after them. 

* Use the hand sanitiser provided before entering and after leaving, and to wipe down where you touched if you can.

Please report any problems to us so we can try to fix them and keep this valuable service open.


We are a Council-managed allotment site in Edinburgh.  We do not control plot allocation - to be placed on the waiting list, please contact the Council.

People who are starred (*) have keys to the site hut, or "chalet".  People who are plussed (+) have keys to the bulk goods store, or "metal shipping container".

It is possible to "join" this website, which could potentially give access to private information - but we don't use that facility at present and for now, ignore these requests.

Committee and Keyholders


  • VACANCY, chair -
  • *+ Jan Bradbury, secretary - plot 58
  • *+ Jean Carletta, treasurer - plot 14a

Management committee members:

  • * Yvonne Dawe - plot 174
  • * Sandy Dundas - plot 183
  • * Kevin Hamilton - plot 20
  • * Ed Irvine - plot 178
  • Ros Marshall - plot 24
  • * Witold Miedzybrodzki -= plot 13a
  • * John McCleary - plot 73
  • * Peter Moir - plot 6
  • *+ Peter Shaw, site representative - plot 166
  • David Todd - plot 176
  • Nigel Wilson - plot 37

Yvonne, Jan, and Ed represent us at FEDAGA meetings. 

SMAA plotholders are welcome to stand for the Committee at AGMs, as well as to contribute to committee meetings without being on the committee.  Witold, David, and Nigel have been appointed until the first post-Covid AGM can be held, when they will be able to stand as normal.

Communications and Privacy Policy

The Council does not pass us information about plotholders.  Where we have explicit consent to do so, we collect the plot numbers, names, and email addresses of our plotholders.  We use the email addresses to pass information to plotholders and occasionally, so that we can contact people if there is some problem with their plot (e.g., a shed blown over).  With the consent of both parties, we also pass plotholder email addresses to each other where they have some joint interest.  An example of this is where one plot has a surplus shed and another needs one.

In addition, we maintain a list of plot numbers that covers the entire site, along with when consent was last granted or refused and the plotholder name if we know it. This is for the legitimate interest of identifying when plots have been split or changed hands, so that we can provide information to the new plotholders. It also aids us in knowing whether we have "communication blackspots" where people who may want information are not receiving it.  If in future we receive information meeting this interest direct from the Council, we will discontinue the practice of recording plotholder names. 

We take phone contact numbers on our order forms for the sole purpose of fulfilling the order, and do not retain them once the order is collected.

We send around a dozen emails a year, and put useful information on this website. We also post items on the three site noticeboards, and use a post box on the front of the chalet to distribute forms and take in orders and other messages.

For "breaking news", chattier items of interest, and discussion, we use Facebook, and reply to those who contact us there.

* web:
* Facebook: (no account needed to view)